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Survey Results

Here are the results of the LinuxFest Northwest 2010 surveys. The survey was completed by a small percentage of those attending, so it is indicative, not necessarily representative. However, it provides good information that is being used to make LFNW2011 the Best Fest Ever.

  1. Survey Recap (Acrobat 5 pdf)
  2. Survey Recap (Acrobat 4 pdf)
  3. Survey Recap (Acrobat 6 pdf)
  4. Survey Recap (odt)

Take your pick. Numbers 2, 3 and 4 use a common Microsoft font instead of the high quality font in Number 1. Some Acrobat Reader versions have difficulties with Number 1.

What people liked and suggested improvements (pdf)

Data for your own analysis pleasure (ods)

Mailing List

This is the LinuxFest Northwest mailing list. Discussion and Fest updates will be posted here. If you plan on attending, it's highly recommended you sign up!


You can usually find a few Fest organizers on #lfnw @ On the days leading up to the Fest, and the day of, you'll find this channel to be quite active.
You can also access IRC directly using our web interface.

Online forums

We have forums available for attendees to chat about the event


When you registered, you had the option to fill out information about transportation options. You can see a list here of people offering rides, and people needing rides.

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