Frequently Asked Questions

What is LinuxFest Northwest

LinuxFest Northwest is an annual event held the last weekend in April, in Bellingham, WA USA. The Fest features presentations on various Linux distributions and applications, as well as general F/OSS topics. LinuxFest serves everyone from the novice to the professional.

LinuxFest is now in its eleventh year.

How Much Does it Cost?

Free! really. Thanks to our amazing sponsors, commercial exhibitors, and Bellingham Technical College, our costs are covered.

Our goal is to have a world class event focused on bringing community together.

Any funds left over from this year’s Fest will be invested into subsequent years. Some funds get donated to various F/OSS groups, and are also invested in marketing the Fest internationally.

How Big is the Conference?

It varies in size, since there is no formal registration. Estimates in the past have been between 800-1000 on Saturday, and another 400-500 on Sunday.

Why do I need to create a profile on this site?

You are not required to create a profile. However, everything about you related to LinuxFest Northwest is here. For presenters/exhibitors/volunteers, your full name for your conference badge will come from here. For everyone, it will make meeting like-minded people easier. You also need it to pick sessions.

Why do I need to Pick Sessions?

Short answer: It will help the organizers plan the Fest schedule. Pick up to eight sessions for each day you’re attending.

Long Answer: Picture this. You’re at LinuxFest Northwest, there are some post-its on a wall placed there by potential presenters. There are also some different size rooms and limited time slots. But instead of a few people choosing presentations, there are hundreds. The goal is to match community interest with proposed topics and still keep a small event feel. How? With community participation and Drupal.

You pick the sessions you want to attend. We generate a master schedule to match space and time constraints. No more people hanging out of doorways or huge rooms with only three people.

A week or three before the Fest, you’ll need to update your schedule. Some sessions may be dropped, you may have conflicts. Based on updated results, we may move sessions to different rooms. It also allows changes to be made on the fly during the Fest. And the best part, everyone can easily stay up-to-date. Just glance at your laptop to view your profile schedule or use your iCalendar capable device and you’ll have a real-time personalized schedule.

Can I create a profile for more than one person at once?

No, each person’s profile holds their own information.

Will I receive any materials in the mail?

No, everything is handled online.

We’ll send you a few emails leading up to the conference, but that’s it.

Can I pay with a purchase order/check/cash?

Admission is free for the event. However, this year exhibitors and sponsors can pay online.
We are only accepting PayPal at this time. Paypal does not require you to sign up with them before paying; it accepts all major credit cards. If you CANNOT pay via PayPal (International restrictions etc) please send an email to a Fest organizer via our contact form.

Is LinuxFest Northwest good for newbies?

Yes! We usually have a track for beginners.

In the newbie track, you’ll find introduction to Linux, F/OSS business ideas, new software ideas, and advocacy. We are tagging all of our presentations, so you know which ones are tailored to the corresponding experience level. Here is a list of presentations tagged for ‘beginners’.

Can I become a sponsor of LinuxFest Northwest?

Yes! Check out the different packages or contact us.

How can I get my hands on the code for this site?

This site and its source code are protected under the GPL license. You can find out more by looking at the ‘camp’ package on the site. This site was made in conjunction with DrupalCamp websites such as Pacific Northwest Drupal summit, DrupalCampLA, and DrupalCamp Chicago. It does not include the graphics for this site, but it does have a Zen sub-theme ready for your own graphics. Read the full Case Study on how drupalcamp LA built the original layout and the requirements that drove our decisions.

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