LinuxFest Northwest: Registration Now Open

The LinuxFest Northwest organization committee is pleased to announce the new LinuxFest Northwest website for the 2010 festival! Take a look around the site, as it is drastically different from years past. Attendee participation is a key theme for this year’s Fest.

Some key new features:
User Profiles
Users can create Profiles for the Fest on the website. By creating an account, you will be able to communicate with others coming to the Fest, help choose presentations you find intriguing, ask questions in our forum, and help organize events (un-conference) around the Fest.

Online Payment
This year, exhibitors and sponsors can register for the Fest and pay online. No need to send in checks or pay cash the day of the Fest. This should streamline the payment and sponsorship process.

Open Scheduling
People interested in offering up a presentation should submit a synopsis of what they propose. Attendees will be able to indicate interest in attending your session. Once a schedule is created, we will inform all users so that they can make sure there are no conflicts among the presentations they wish to attend.


What time

Maybe I am blind, but I don’t see any info about what time or day the different events are being held at. That makes it a little hard to anticipate what I will be attending.


I am so excited for yet another Linux Fest Northwest! I’ll see y’all there.


New Site

I think having the opportunity for attendees to interact is good.

Looking forward to attending

Looking forward to attending the Fest!


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