Saturday afterFest @ Hampton Inn/Fox Hall

After getting sated with tech on Saturday, head for the Hampton. Relax. Snacks, Boundary Bay beer, music, conversation.

Sorry, no belly-dancers this year.

The Hampton Inn is home away from home for many LFNW folks; having the Saturday evening party there makes good sense. The LFNW party will be in Fox Hall, just behind the Hotel.

During the Fest, the Hampton has generously donated a conference room for essential coding, gaming, conversation or cooking up new project ideas. It’s behind the lobby on the main floor of the Hotel.

Some of the Bellingham-based people are taking rooms at the Hampton so that they don’t miss anything.

Still looking for a room? Check out the Hampton Inn webpage for LFNW Reservations

Hampton Inn
3985 Bennett Drive
Phone: (360) 676-7700


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